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  1. sorry bout all the tyler questions i was just really worried but anyway when you get on, how are you lately?
  2. on a scale of 1 to 10 how much do u love Sexy Dexy
  3. i was serious. i love him. btw check ur pms i may actually be able to help tyler
  4. About that quote: I was being sarcastic. "Fangirl" comments really get under my skin.
  5. OMG!!! I LUV U DEXTR!!!! I WANT 2 HAV UR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!

    Quote of urs in 2005. I love him. That sounds like stuff I had said on here
  6. You met Sexy Dexy and the rest of the band? Lucky!
  7. I am so happy that Tyler is doing so well. Kids are very resillient and heal very quickly because we are constantly growing new tissue anyway.
    You'll like them. Trust me. Get the word of them around. Tell Curt and Katie and Jessica and Tyler and all of them.
  9. So you had your birthday recently. Happy Birthday.(probably late)
  10. my cousin Ian is best friends with the DKM so I might be able to get ty and you an autograph(not sure) but i will tell matt about ty's caringbridge. BTW check out my cousin ians band called Cocked N' Loaded. Matt is gonna get me dexy's autograph
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