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  1. I'm at high school, 4th year out of 5.
  2. but i'm in eight grade anyway. and you?
  3. .. actually, i'm not good at knowing how old you are when you go to college and high school and that stuff XD
  4. yep, exactly, though Im not stressed... and I have to play 2 basketball matches- so I wont be relaxed anyway. but at least I can sleep as long as I want btw, you are at highschool?
  5. REALLY nice, school makes me really stressed right now with grades and everything, so i've been longing for this weekend :P
  6. whoa, weekend and no school it sounds great, doesnt it?
  7. oh, that's not nice
    i'm getting myself ready for school
  8. I`m still writing my project- my teacher would like to have it tomorrow, I would like too, but I think it`s impossible. and how are you?
  9. hii how are you?
  10. I`m doing my project, so a bit "bored" but okey
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