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  1. i'm doing great, how are you?
  2. hey, what`s with you??? how are you doing?
  3. hello I`m guite happy today, because my favourite puppy was given back to us (we are just taking care of them and trying to find them good new family). and my father was a bit happy when I asked if I could drive a car a little (I`m just learning it in driving school). and how are you?
  4. Hello my friend ^^
    how are you today?
  5. Yeah.. well yeah that's boring.
    You can always check if there's something in your town to do
  6. that`s good. and literaly NOTHING happens- that`s why I`m not happy...
  7. Oh, has something happened? (Or maybe I shouldn't ask?)

    I'm really happy today because I bought a box with all Kents CD's between 1991 and 2008, so I've been listening to them all day (:
  8. I am not happy... what about you?
  9. Hi Anka (:
    I don't know if you're online but otherwise you'll se this when you log on (;
    how are you today?
  10. sure, I`m also going to sleep soon. "see" you later, good night
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