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  1. i'm studying...:S *bored*
  2. Hii I'm playing Bloons Tower Defense 3, what are you doing?
  3. hi buddywazzup?
  4. Yeah, I hate putting music into genres, but I like almost everything except for hiphop/rnb/rap.

    Right now it's mainly swedish music for me. Like Kent and Vapnet.
  5. i generally adore music but i prefere rock -punk rock..and you?
  6. okay, nice
    what other music than Offspring do you listen to?
  7. i'm in university
  8. Yes, I'm in the eight grade right now.
    How 'bout you?
  9. i'm from Greece
    are you a student?
  10. Yeah ^^ it felt so empty :P
    I'm from Sweden , and you?
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