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  1. oh,i thought you were underage
    well,it isn´t a heavy work,right?
  2. Yeah, I do hear that a LOT! But I do think it's funny. I say a lot of bad things about ppl when they're not listening... LOL
    And I'm not underage, I'm 19.
    Here were legal when we turn 18
  3. DAMN YOU!i hate when that happens to me,i always yell at them and tell them to goand fuck themselves,my ex girlfriend´s brother also works at some bank doing that,i yelled at him too
    hey,you´re underage,i thought it was not legal to hire kids there
  4. I'm working at a call center... Yes, I do wake ppl up at 8 am to tell'em they must pay the bank. It's so cool. [lie]
  5. oh,that´s nice,where are you working at,dear?
  6. Oh, hi! I'm just fine, how bout you? I'm working now, and I'm barely home to come and check out the boards, but I'm on vacation from 'school' and I decided to come by

    See ya, kisses.
  7. hi there,sexy!howyou´ve been?haven´t seen you around in a while
  8. alright XD,awsome hair,btw
  9. thanks Ren, I just saw this message thing ;D
  10. hey!welcome to the boards!hi,i´m ren,enjoy and have fun!
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