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  1. word dude, ima try my damn hardest to get there, and i still dont have a damn bass, ive been using my singers bass its a Dean btw, but for real im about to graduate from hs, and im about to have a job, so yea, ima save up
  2. Whoa shit dude! To the Rock Shop?! That would make my day, haha. And hell, if you had a bass, I'd invite you to play with us, 'cause we damn sure don't have a bassist yet!
  3. WOOOOT RANDY IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. fuck yea dude im hopefully gonna get to go monday
  4. lol haha, and awesome, yea lol........fayetville is just one big imagine me tryin to get to charlotte hahaha
  5. lolol, yeah not a good combo at all. At least for the gas part, I could have hooked you up, and...I most definitely have a GPS, haha. Glad to see that I'm not the only who gets lost easily.
  6. dude, i would of loved to went, broke, no gas, and have a poor sense of direction, so yea lol, not a good combo
  7. By the way, I was thinkin' about ya the other day, and I realized...why the heck didn't you come to the concert on Tuesday?! That would have been awesome.
  8. Hahahaha, you crazy man. How's it going, Travey?! Long time, no speak. Nothing much here, same ol' shit.
  9. Yea did you listen to that drum track? lol, whats up randy,
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