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  1. Happy birthday!!! If I remind you to celebrate it properly, it will probably be a waste of time(cause I know you will) Enjoy and I hope you will return to the BBS soon when you have more time or something
  2. Haha, when it will become official, I will definitely think of coming
    You are so in Poland this year,don't ya?
  4. Its okay... I am like you right now, a bit "hangovered" And I have to be strong cause today is a punk rock gig in my city, so more beer to come!
  5. But how are you? I'm so rude,I never ask that...
  6. Hmm, I see. That's bad you have a lot of work, I wish you good luck, be strong! School and studying can really be a pain in the ass, I know a lot about that!
  7. Hey sweet. I'm fine, but I miss talking with you too I'm not very often on the forums these days, I have a lot of work to do... I hoped the longer I'll be on studies the easier it will be-it's not true
  8. Hey, how are you babe? Haven't talked to you in a while.......
  9. I was not here for a couple of days.. I went skiing.. and drinking I hope you understand
  10. WTF??? I'm drunk and you're not here??? I feel lonely...
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