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  1. yeah, it was a plessure for me too have a good night and good tomorrow drinking, kisses
  2. Hehe...... I will update you when I get to it Now I will get some sleep cause tomorrow night may be drinking night See ya, it was really nice talking to you again!
  3. you what?! it's getting more and more interesting as more you're learning about Saussure, fuckin' interesting!
  4. Yes, that is what I was talking about Of course at first it seemed interesting to me also, but when I got to learn too much stuff about it, I lost my enthusiasm
  5. I don't think it's more difficoult, but I just don't know a thing about it hey, grammar may be interesting, belive me
  6. Haha, I wish I had your excitement in that And I appreciate your help, but with slovak syntax it can be more difficult Plus I gotta find some papers which we need to learn first!
  7. I'm studyin this, I'm in love with this, so I get excited everytime I cen find something similar in slav languages-especially when we talk in english and, I will love to help you with syntax
  8. Hehe, it is true. But dont get me started on syntax, I need to do a test for it at school..
  9. I'm sorry, I have to say that, becouse I'm linguist: It's amazing how our syntax is similar to yours
  10. Yes, he just is the type of person who always wants attention
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