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  1. I know it was Davo who made this thread, and I don't belive he realy thinks anyone would hate you
  2. Hehe, dont you happen to have any ICQ, facebook or any other messaging device? Well those threads and stuff like that were all made by one person: Davo, and he is a dick. Although I promised myself I wont bitch at him anymore, so he can be nice to me
  3. Not yet...but tomorrow morning may be tough... and I answered your question-now I'm happy about talking with you God, I feel like I'm kissing your ass...but I like you, wondering why, becouse there are ppl who make threds "if you hate dff_punk post here"
  4. Yes, it means exactly that. And you did not answer me. I hope you dont have a hangover
  5. hey is this: "how are things with you?" means how are you? if it is then...I'm happy to may have a conversation with You
  6. Hey there, how are things with you?
  7. Haha, I have to think of a proper name/text and stuff. Well we weren't talking about anything interesting anyway
  8. I am waiting for it
    I understood a little but it was out of context so anyway I have no idea what were you talking about
  9. Maybe someday I will create a special one Well I noticed it when I came to your profile, under your name was written "Viewing thread Slovakia" Did you understand something we wrote?
  10. oh,that's too bad, I hope we have our thread how did you noticed I was reading your thread? I was checking if I can understand you Slovaks
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