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  1. I hope you haven't died or gotten into trouble with alcohol. I remember one thread you made saying that you don't get the normal buzz from your drinks anymore. I got worried seeing it but I didn't say anything. I don't know much of anything about you and didn't want to assume/seem like I was assuming. Hope you're doing okay.
  2. Ugh, fine. I'll show you a photo from a while ago, okay?

    I offered this bitch to carry her dress to the front of the store at my workplace today as a polite gesture and she blew up at me. Usually when I make that offer (for big bags and dresses) people either accept or politely decline. But this bitch treated me to a lovely batch of sarcastic comments, and threw holy water on me for good measure. I wish I had her telephone number, then I'd give it out. Flame for great fucking justice. I'll PM you the link to my photo. Happy?
  3. I have no idea what you're talking about. Polite? What? But you've welched on promised photographic evidence, so...

    I'll have to assume you're a 15 year old boy from Wisconsin untill proven otherwise. I'll call you Mervin for the time being.

    Sup Merv?
  4. Being polite is offensive nowadays. When did this become official?
  5. lolno. I seriously have ink all over my face.
  6. I'll see about taking a photo when I get home from class tonight, but chances are I'll be dirty. Dirty as in covered in ink, grease, and smelling like a bad mixture of Mineral Spirits and Simple Green. In fact, I'll shower before I take a picture. But it won't be till late tonight. Can you handle that?
  7. Haha, aww. Do I sound like a 15 year old dude from Wisconsin? If I ever drank, my father, self-proclaimed Internet Tough Guy of God, would lynch me, disown me, then lynch me again. I have taken drinks of alcohol, but never actually sat down with a beer. I've tried Budweiser, red wine and tequila. Better?

    And thanks for the friending. I was starting to feel a bit lonely on these boards~
  8. What kind of 20 year old American doesn't drink? Now I'm wondering if you're real. Give me some kind of pictoral proof your not some 15 year old dude in Wisconsin.

    By the way, I find this hilarious, it's in the corner of your profile:
    "littleCentipede has not made any freinds yet

    Befriend littleCentipede"

  9. Indeed, but I have learned over the years that it is sometimes necessary to expose and display the immaturity of others. Although, concerning the subject in question, it hardly needs to be said...

    Very nice. Sad to say I'm not old enough to drink yet.
  10. You know there's a "hide" button next to all those posts below me.

    And yeah, beer. I'm on a bit of a belgian white kick at the moment.
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