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  1. HI!!! No, I don't have facebook unfortunately
  2. hey weirdo :P

    Lol i kinda forgot about this site...

    i got a birthday email from the band i think and i remembered

    hey do you have facebook?? or do you only add real life friends there?

    oh n happy belated valentines day!!
  3. HI FRIEND!!!

  4. Hahahaha... Funny pic... Thanks!
  5. for your group

  6. lol oh

    bahahaha you made a group for retarded people
  7. no... I'm from Russia
  8. lol aww it's okay, most of my family back home doesn't speak much english either

    my new year hmmm

    it kinda sucked compared to other years

    you're from greece??
  9. Oooh!!! That was awesome!!! I went to my friends house and there was youth about thirty... great house and a lot of food and drinks on the table... perfect music and people It was very cheerful!!! And how you met New Year?

    Sorry for my bad English
  10. thank you ^_^ how was your new year??
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