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  1. hey thx for the comm...yap unfortunately i'm still a junior member
    how do u know to say in Romanian language "Good afternoon" ?? U'r very funny and u have nice pics on your profile (myspace)
    Nice to meet u darea
    Au revoir mon ami
  2. Hey mikee! Just realised we're "friends" and we've not really talked much, maybe just once. Heh it's funny that you're a junior member but not in age, damn you're the same age as my sister... So hows things? How's Romania? Buna ziua!
  3. Hehe no I'm not kidding! I can't even be bothered to try and remember some Romanian now. I'm Johanna, and I'm from south of france. My parents/family are all English though, which makes me bilingual! And err, I guess that's all for now!
  4. u got to be kidding...u actually studied...romanian language....i can't believe it ))))
    where are u from and what's your name ?
  5. Oh that's cool. I studied Romanian (speaking/writing) for two years at Uni. But the teacher was really bad so I didn't enjoy it and can't speak it even less write it! So I know where Romania is!!
  6. thankx darea
    i'm from Romania...u know...Dracula's land :P...
  7. Hey thanks for the request! How are you and where are you from?
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