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  1. Hey whazzup. Got that bag already? N were u in Terchova SK?
  2. Or Im gonna have log in that messenger n wed set the deal there
  3. Hey Mikee Ud send me PM with your address n Id order the bag n send it there. Hows that sound?
  4. Do u already have the bag?
  5. Yeah, guess I get it.
  6. it's very easy man...
    u must create an account on and then u must install yahoo messenger and...announce me what's your yahoo messenger i can add u on my messenger list...
    it's ok ??
  7. Never did it before, but could do it sometimez... Id love, but me lame, cause dont know, how these worx.
  8. man do u wanna talk on yahoo messenger ??
  9. And prices are probably in Cz currency. Id have to read the whole rulez n shit...
  10. Ive just checked it. The bags here, but the English version is missing. Its just for people from Cz and SK. But could help you anyway.
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