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  1. just wondering. you said your english was terrible.
  2. well, as you can see, english no,I kno what you mean. Polish. Why?
  3. what language do you speak?
  4. whatever, I'm ashamed to tell you who I want to...take

    Fuck, my english is terrible...
  5. i am 17, not like im four or anything
  6. Forget about the is a guy that is sooooo adorable and drunk that...ok,you're too young to tell you what would I do with him if I would meet him
  7. noodels, dexter, ron, greg, who?
  8. your...? You're sweet, but belive me, there are man I would like to...Ok, no more, I' too drunk
  9. okie, sleep well. dream of my sexiness, like everyone else.
  10. I'm drunk. Too bad dff is not here... Good Night Hun
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