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  1. Yeah, I was gone for a year because I got sucked into World of Warcraft. Yeah, I knew you got married, belated congratulations. What happened to your band, man? You guys rocked.

    Yeah, I've started playing my guitar and writing lyrics again. I missed it so much.
  2. Wow, dude. It really has! Over a year, it seems. Not too much has been going on. I think you knew I got married in December. Other than that, working and trying to get my damn band back together. It's proving frustrating.

    What have you been up to, Ponce? Still banging out hot tunes?
  3. Randy! Hows it going man. Been so long since we talked.
  4. Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4, my all time favorite game.
  5. Hey, dudeski. What's your avatar?
  6. It's okay, dude. Thanks for saying it anyway.
  7. WWWWTTTTTTFFFFFF? How the hell did I miss your birthday! Happy belated, man. <333
  8. Hey, what can I say... I have a lot of shit to say about how much I love the Offspring
  9. Dude! You have over 1,000 posts already. I'm impressed.
  10. Oh, hey, sup Randy.
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