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  1. No I don't but it is one of our most important exports.
  2. i noticed you live in norway
    do you like black metal
  3. It is on an eminem forum indeed. i think
    The name is from a lyric. The song Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day.
    This is the only place I use RageAndLov though, all other places on the internet, I have a new nickname which is much better.
  4. where does RageAndLov come from. is it from a song, tv show?
    cuz you seem to have it on an eminem profile
  5. no prob
  6. ohhh
    i'm not such a big fan of forums&threads so i'm kind of inexperienced
  7. You know, you could only quoted me and you'd find it :P
    anyway here it is:
  8. can you send me the linkin of the motivational poster of harry potter
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