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  1. Hehe.... I would not mind.
  2. would you mind if i did a cover of hey bartender on youtube. im not trying to steal your shit or anything. look at the bright side; more people find out about it and i expand your fan base.
  3. I am actually planning on recording something, but I gotta buy some cables and stuff to plug it all into my computer. Until then you have to be satisfied with this youtube sample:
  4. i might tab the solo by ear first just becuase i like it so much. Btw way, i cant wait for more songs. can you at least record a 1 min tease on your computer when you have time. im not talking about going into the studio and recording something. just record it on the spot with an amp and your guitar with your desktop mic
  5. Hehe... glad you liked it. We will have more songs recorded, but just dunno when. Well I play the solo by ear, but if you really want, I might tab it some time.
  6. BTW, i like hey bartender so much that i ended up playing it on my guitar. i already tabbed it out by ear and all it need is the solo
  7. It is the first word of a song by the band O-Zone which is in my avatar, and it is also a kind of an internal joke between the slovak BBS people.
  8. BTW, why Halo?
    what does it mean
  9. I am going to have fun, fear not.
  10. Halo?
    you should give into temptation
    give up being sober and have fun
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