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  1. yeh you did its off that 70s show haha
  2. where the hell did you hear this
    [When I Die, I'd Like To Be Put Face Down In My Coffin So That Anyone Who Doesn't Like Me, Can Kiss My Ass!]
    i swear i heard it first on a tv show
  3. yeh i will.its pretty funny..
  4. no not really. just keep using it cuz i use it, harley, rutegard and other members use it.
    its to bring together other members
  5. same as my user..^^

    dyu want me 2 go on?
  6. no. i think i was sleeping when you got on.
    what's your name on the chat
  7. yeh for about an hour..did u go back on
  8. did you ever stay in the chat?
  9. damn. i actually got excited by ur signature : listen to the full pass me by here"
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