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  1. Third message in a day... it's going to seem like I'm stalking you.

    Just wanted to mention about the BBS mixtape thread - if Randy does do his own mixing, which I think he does, then there's no doubt he's a damn good mixer. Listen for yourself!
  2. My mistake, sorry. I couldn't find the image you meant by your link so I truncated it and it led me to my avatar instead of my profile picture.

    In any case, my profile picture is of Adam Baldwin in an episode of Firefly. He receives the hat during the course of the episode. I've liked the actor since I saw him play Jayne on Firefly, and more recently since I saw him as John Casey on Chuck.

    If you like the image, you might want to check out the show Firefly. It only ever had 13 episodes but was definitely one of the better shows... ever. Keep an open mind during the pilot, it doesn't really pick up until episode 2.
  3. i meant the guy with the funny hat not your avatar
  4. It's the symbol of Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man. He's a Marvel Comics character and the lead of the current X-Factor series, which is my favorite comic.

    Jamie Madrox on Wikipedia.

    I also just think it's a sweet logo.
  5. Can't argue with that. Buzz Lightyear is awesome. I've been wanting to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween for a few years now but all the costumes I find aren't quite awesome enough to live up to my vision.
  6. you got an awesome avatar. buzzlight year is the shit
    toy story was my favorite movie as a kid
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