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  1. post some more
  2. I KNOWWWW!!
    no offense to Dr. Holland but when he logged off without replying, i called him a prick inside my head
  3. he didnīt even replied
  4. no. he made a quick visit
    as soon as i saw him online i revived the question thread so maybe he can give us a clue to the monday thing
  5. lol,yeah,washe online too much??
  6. im stalking dexter and i saw your vm
    hopefully they'll come to mexico because mexico is closer to USA than colombia
  7. ah,no sabia ,nunca vi q actuaras como mexicano
  8. i'm colombian and spanish is my first language. i just acted like i was mexican to throw people off
  9. oye,de donde eres?el espaņol es tu 1era lengua?
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