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  1. Happy-way-late birth-day

    I've been away from the forums so I kinda forgot. I"m sorry
  2. No problem, thanks for the compliment
  3. i just realized that i've been a member of this forum for a year now. Time goes by fast
  4. merry Christmas Clara!!

    although it's kinda late in frace
  5. could you send me the full version of your avatar. or the link to where you found it
  6. I won my first case today... I didn't actually plead it because I'm not an attorney yet but I did all the research, all the reasoning and all... and we won. This feels great
  7. 'sup law bender
  8. nooooo, it's Munchausen !
  9. at first, i thought your avatar was the mask from V for Vendetta
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