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  1. am i really that important on the forums?
    but im actually helping some italian with some spanish dictations and doing a secret song
    i can tell you if you want/ and can sing
  2. Hey man ! I thought you disappeared for a while ! How are you ?
  3. forgot to show you this on the chat
  4. Thanks to you and Captain Obvious !
    That picture reminds me of Alvin and the Chipmunks...
  5. A friend of mine, Captain Obvious, would like to report to duty by stating that tomorrow(your timezone) is your birthday
  6. Sorry !
    You want to bumb the synch game ? Nobody seemed too interested... shame shame shame...
    Anyway, I'm off to Normandy so, I don't know when i'll have the Internet again...
    WTF. THAT WAS MY IDEA(but you got to it first).
    i was just about to change it when i was gonna bump the synch game
  8. i got pissed cuz i was lost so i threw out my coke and a cop saw me
    ticket for littering
  9. why did the cop stop you ?
  10. sorry i left you all alone
    it took longer cuz i got lost and a cop stopped me(don't laugh)
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