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  1. Don't worry about that ! I am not sensitive about people leaving aithout telling... I kinda do it all the time

    lol for the chess ! poor Dany... but hey, it was late for her you know I guess I will have to play you again
  2. LOL I beat danny again

    it seems that you have a bad luck charm that curses me evertime i try to play you
  3. i apologize if you tried talking to me in the chat because i wasnt in my house and i forgot to log out and when i came back you were sleeping. and i already sent the message to reamwolf to see if she can make a fighting style game like mortal combat or dragonball
  4. i didnt leave the chat. i was just reading everybodys conversation. and then reamwolf got in and i talked to him for a while.
    im guessing you're sleepy much right now
  5. I like the movies but I never really read the comic books... why did you leave the chat ? are you a mod now ?
  6. yeah. my favorite x men are colossus and wolverine. do you like x men
  7. nice new avatar 8-)
  8. pretty good. been busy reinstalling everything that it had in it before i reseted my computer
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