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  1. hey, I saw you were on the chat room... how is your computer doing ?
  2. just got rid of that little fucker in my computer. how is that chatroom going?
  3. I'M ALIVE!!! YES. but i've been busy with more of those gay ass reports
    my internet is down at my house
  4. Hey ! Are you still alive ? have you been eaten alive by a English-Spanish dictionnary ?
  5. Ah yes, that might be it !

    Nice translation ! how lucky

    i don't even know your age...
  6. i was so busy yesterday(and today too) that i had to translate this whole thing into spanish
    they say doctors and lawyers speak the best english and maybe that's why people think we are fucking with their heads
  7. Yes exactly what I need... although I turned my screen to the window so now, only tourists on the roof of these big buses can see that I am not working.
    I'm fine, still a little bit sick i think. You ?
  8. how are you doing today. you get rid of that headache??
    here is one of those mirrors you were mentioning
  9. pretty good. bought me some beer and coke but forgot to buy me a hacky sack. those sacks are awesome if you wanna kill time
  10. hello there ! how are you today ?
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