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  1. hell yeah. i looked it up and i though it wasn't so bad. i would laugh my ass of if it were made into an olympic sport
  2. 5 p.m ?

    Lol your thread about dwarf tossing
  3. it's 6:14PM right now . at what time do english drink their tea?
  4. I'm doing the same... ok that's not the ONLY thing I do but maybe she isn't either. If the punks teach her a lesson please, Spare me the Details. What time is it in North Carolina ?
  5. oh, i was just pointing it out. i can't believe she stays up late to discuss in her thread. and she has a bad habit of insulting people out of nowhere. i'm guessing one hundred punks will eventually teach her a lesson. and besides, if i was tired of french, i would be tired of talking to you
  6. It's about what you said in Duskygrin's thread "aren't you supposed to be sleeping ?"

    And yes we are definitely noobs At least I am... lol
  7. lol you wrote on your own profile. we are such n00bs
    and what do you mean am i tired of the french?
  8. Mopsh pitting... pogo... hmm... I used to when I was younger but I must have been bruised one too many... Also, these last years, the concerts I was going to weren't really that type... strangely, not a lot of mosh pitting at an Eels or Damien Rice concert

    lol, by the way, it's just midnight, are you tired of the french ?
  9. what do you think about women mosh pitting. are you tough like that
  10. of course.....not
    i'm going over to my friend's house to plan our 7/14 concert day.
    everything should go smooth i mean getting a 'lil bit bruised in the mosh pit, get some vids, get some merch and grab some grub later that night
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