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  1. i wasn't being mean. it is called an invitation
  2. well that was rude i asked a simple question
  3. why don't you take your bitching and pointless threads to
    we need them
  4. How old are you?
  5. im a guy. and yeah it's awesome that you got 500 posts in 2 months
  6. I am not sure. Your avatars have made you seem like a guy, but some of your posts make you seem like a chic. I am a chic. I am 14. My name is Cassidy and last night I reached 500. 500 posts in two months. Awesome right?
  7. i'm just messing around with you before i give you an answer
    why is it that you think im a girl or a guy
  8. Dude, is it really that hard to answer a question? Male or Female? It is a two answer possibility.
  9. i think i'm a faggot
  10. Seriously. What are you. I thought you were a guy but then a couple of posts made think you were a girl.
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