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  1. Well, we do have a lousy health, justice, and employement system going...and political corruption! So, it's balanced
  2. *green with envy*
  3. Goold old sunny Portugal...I'm about to go outside to the patio and a nice tan
  4. That sounds awsome! Guess the weather is mostly perfect too? Here we have too many days with bad weather. Right now it's raining...
  5. I can't really complain about living in a desert or something...lots of places to go at night and the beach is 5min. away...I'll manage to make some plans
  6. Ah, that sux
    Any plans for the summer then?
  7. Busy little bee! LOL
    I'm not doing anything this summer. No job at the moment = no vacations.
  8. Link to that?
    I've been using Justin Sandercoe's lessons at for my guitar chops but there really haven't been enough time...

    Vacations: well, we built a new house = lot of "gardening", visiting my parents up north (about 1150 km one way), "honeymoon" sort of thing to Scotland (the north part) and perhaps a trip to Copenhagen. Also I hope to sqeeze in some time when I can just hang out, read a book and get a tan lol

    So, what about you - do you get summer vacation and in that case, what do you plan to do with it?
  9. I got this screaming techniques thing out of the web...but I've only got part2! lol Watcha doing for vacations?
  10. I've been geeking into vocal technique pretty heavily for the past couple of months but that will probably change now since I start my summer vacation on friday.
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