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  1. ahh not exactly. Cuz my hometown is punk-dead But I´m goin´ to UK SUBS gig next week I´ve got some stuff in my phone, but I´d need better technology for my music
  2. Hi there! So nice to hear from you That's true, I haven't been very good at keeping in touch with anyone actually. I'll try to do better in the future!

    What's up? Been to any good concerts lately? Written more songs?
  3. Hi girl? Haven´t heard from U for a lOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOng time
  4. Two month´s vacay? I´m ok, cuz goin´ to a punx gig now Tell ya more ltr. , cuz gotta go now. Till next time,....
  5. Sorry, I haven't been around much lately. Got back to work a couple of weeks ago and it was tough. I kinda love my work but it is exhausting, especially after a two month's vacation...

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to this semester. I will have a lot to do! Much is the same as always (working with my singers, finding opportunities for them to perform and the concerts and shows we do) but I will also do some extra stuff that I think is pretty cool. I'll be working with the musical staff this year and we will be doing Blues Brothers, so that will be fun - I'm hoping to find a new Aretha Franklin and an idea of mine - to start a kind of rock school - has really started to get somewhere. I will be working on that too (in Sweden it's called "gymnasium" and it's when you start you're tenth year - you can choose different educations).

    So, I'm more than fine! (just a lot to do)
    What about my smashing punker?
  6. Hi my guitar Haven´t heard from ya? What´s goin´ on? All things ok?
  7. Awesome, I can't wait
  8. Great. When I´ll figured it all out. Let ya know first privately!!!!
  9. Of course I won't laugh! (Unless it's a really funny song of course. )
    Time is all I've got...
  10. Guess I´ll just put it here to others bands n most of da people will laugh at me, but U won´t. Hope so?! Whatever...JUst gimme some time lady
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