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  1. Simple punk-rock is good! Let me know when I can listen to it, really looking forward to it
  2. Soon But just simple punk-rockin things. Dont know whos gonna sing, cuz Ive got lyrics to it too. Guess Ill ask my brother Glad U like my guitar
  3. Hey, I really like your guitar - but I LOOOVE your hair, it's awesome!!!
    So, any demos? MySpace?
  4. Check out my guitar
  5. Glad that you've recovered from that virus!
    So, any chance this track will find its way to my ears?
  6. New track recorded in my phone
  7. Well I wasnt. Had some damn strong virus in my body, but Im ok now, so we can continue in our little conversation
  8. Hi!
    Haven't seen you around for a while. I hope you're okay?
  9. Ehh Im ok, thanx! Theres a punx gig after 2 months in my hometown, so were goin Cant wait.
  10. It was fun Some bands were really good and some had fun at least... I know, it's the best job in the world, at least when we do stuff like that

    So, how are you? Any news?
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