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  1. Wow seems like a rock show goinī on there?! U got a great job!!!! Thanx for that evidence
  2. I'll hold you to it Yeah, I should try to remember that the days that I don't feel like going to work - at least I work with something that I really enjoy and I just love those kids I work with. Some of them I wouldn't be able to love more had they been my own children
    I didn't record any audio from the concert, but you're welcome to take a look at the pictures from Saturday:
    Rock on!
  3. Yggfk? Guess u Get right!!! Iīm sure that itīs pretty much punx junk, cuz itīs only guitar with the F stuff only n still no bass or drums anything, just rockinī it for myself, but if it soundz alright, Iīll let ya know, swear Wow awesome that uīre doing, what uīre doing now. Really like it. Will there be any evidence of that show?!!! Glad uīre having great time with your job n music stuff
  4. Hi, nice to hear from you! That's awsome, keep at it and yggfk! Really looking forward to hearing it all finished!
    Things are great with me! I'm having a great time at work since this week we don't teach like we usually do. Instead we've put together bands with guitarists, bass players, drummers, pianists and singers and we're rehearsing with them for a show we'll have on Saturday - it's really fun! I haven't played much, but at least I've started to use my acoustic at work to accompany some students and that's a small step in the right direction I guess
  5. Hi L.P.- girl How ya doinī? Any new things happeninī? Any new/old tracks recorded? I still kinda rock my babe n got 2 raw punx songz together. Only need to think about vocals n someone, whoīd sing-em n 2 singlesīd be ready
  6. Ouch, that doesnīt sound funny at all Nice to hear that. Itīs gonna be Sunday night special
  7. Nothing too exciting. The concert was with a band that some former students have, they're ok, kinda pop-ish but apart from the singer's family we were like the only ones there - they deserve better than that, so I'll have to go see them somewhere else where there are som people... The birthday party was for my boyfriends brothers girlfriend, but I wasn't feeling too well (have had some stomach pains lately) so I didn't stay for long - just had some food and cake and then I left :/
    Sounds like a good plan! This wonderful weather is really something. Yeah, tonight we'll rock!
  8. What concert n birhday? U had one fine weekend Iīm gonna head home today. Probably will be out today enjoy the sunshine n then in da evening gonna rock with my babe Uīd do the same
  9. Hi!
    Never actually picked up the guitar yesterday - too much other stuff got in the way(gardening, went to a concert and to a birthday party). I have hopes for today, though...
    So, what are your plans for today?
  10. Hello Any new tracks recorded?!!!
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