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  1. Tackar, tackar =D
  2. Har den Äran! :d
  3. Haha, yeah you're right. I have absolutly no idea how that thought got stuck in my head - and for so many years too! Well, now I've seen the light...
  4. Aye, I live in Latvia. And I find it hilarious to think that "Backyard Babies" could be a name for death metal band. Haha.
  5. Great to hear that they've got some fans outside of Sweden!
    I just recently realized that I like them. For some reason I had it in my head that they were a death metal band and I'm not into that so I didn't even give them a chance, even though I've always enjoyed every interview I've ever seen with Dregen - he's got a really good sense of humour! The other day they were on a Swedish TV-show that I was watching and they played Nomadic and wooho that's good shit! I've got some catching up to do, but I'm on it. So, I haven't seen them live, but from now on I will keep my eyes open. I hope you get a chance to see them in Latvia (that's where you live, right?) soon.
  6. Yeah! I love them. I've discovered them back in like 2002 (with the Making Enemies Is Good video) but somehow I didn't get hooked. Until 2005, when I re-discovered them, they're one of my greatest musical addiction nowadays. Currently I'm enjoying Painkiller.They are four amazing motherfuckers (Dregen is a sex on legs!) who undeserved overlooked in my country, that's a shame, they need to play a show here. Did you happen to see them live?
  7. Hi!
    So, you're a Backyard Babies fan?
  8. Well, yes I guess I would
    Ruty has really been persistent and I do appreciate it! I would never have posted in the RAFRAG thread had it not been for her (just because I am new here and I am aware that it should take some time before you really start to know people, even if it is the Internet). SIMU is one of my favourites and I would SO love doing it. The "shopping sprees" I would happily leave to Tim!

    I'll post away in the covers thread then
  9. would u like to do the stuff is messed up vocals?
    I have to mention that there's a guy named Tim who wants to do the "shopping sprees" fast part for SIMU to death. His username is Static_Martyr. Other than that - if you really want to sing SIMU, post away in the covers thread. And thank Rutegard for being persistent with your promotion.
  10. Thank you so much! That's a list of good songs that I will definitely try to learn.
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