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  1. Yeah, I really should be going too...
    See yah!
  2. oh yeah,it is kind of crazy,but iīm %100 mexican,hey,i gotta leave,niceto talk 2 u!
    see ya!!
  3. Cool cocktail, I must say!
  4. oh,i didnīt know that,well,this is the message:
    renato piquette
    Iīm mexican,like,iīve lived here since i was 2,but none of my family is from here(excepting my brothers),my dad is french and my mom is a swede,jeje,iīm a cocktail really,but i canīt speak their languages,so,iīm really a mexican even i was born in sweden
  5. That explains it
    Okay, I can't see the messges so that's why I didn't understand.
  6. hej,uh?lol,yeah,my dad was at the army,and he lived everywhere,i got born in orebro,but iīve nevere been there since i was 1 or 2,oh,the ipunk link is that thereīs a post were i explain the story of my life
  7. So you're born in Sweden that was pretty unexpected
    Yeah, I know Örebro, they have quite a funny dialect there.

    Don't understand that link, it takes me to ipunk247's about me page

    And btw - hello in swedish: Hej!
  8. so,lilly,do you know orebro(cos i donīt)?thatīs my hometown
  9. LOL - You guys are freakin' crazy!

    Thanks, I try to let them sing the kind of music they like - the techniques are pretty much the same anyway - which is also the reason why I know most of Miley Cyrus' songs
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