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  1. Hey, I saw that you were online, so I just wanted to say hi!
  2. Yeah, we try to do a couple of them every semester. A lot to carry, but it's so fun! Thanks for reminding me about the camera, I'd kinda forgot that I should bring it
  3. Oh man. Another one? That's so cool. I'd love to see more pictures from this one if you take a camera.

    Oh, and you're certainly welcome. Have fun!
  4. Hey Randy! Thanks =)
    Nothing birthday-ish planned, I will be working. But it will be a great day at work: rock concert with the kids tonight
  5. Heeeey, Lilly. Happy birthday! Got anything planned for the day?
  6. That sounds promising!
    But I can totally understand the "too lazy"-bit, I think we need to be that once in awhile just to keep sane
  7. Yay! That's great. I will try harder to oblige then. I have several songs that I'm in the process of either recording, rerecording, or writing. Just been too lazy lately.
  8. Hmm, that's weird
    I'm always looking forward to new songs from you
  9. Dammit, Myspace won't let me comment you! Basically, what I said is thank YOU for the add, and I'm really happy that you like the new song.
  10. Yeah, that must be it

    Good luck with that, I'm sure you'll find it sooner or later.
    One thing I've noticed is that, to achive these effects, enormous amount of support is needed! Oh, and the volume gets lower even though your working as hard or harder than when you're singing with your "normal" voice.
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