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  1. My girlfriend had an Offspring shirt on with the just the logo and name. I had on the Unity Tour 2010 shirt with the Offspring's tour on back, and the Rise And Fall logo presidential seal thing on front.
  2. What shirts were you guys wearing?
  3. Ah, we were on the left side. Maybe next year we can do a St. Louis BBS meeting!
  4. Yeah from the crowd's view I was on the left side, by the trees.
  5. Do you mean the left side of the stage as you're looking at it?
  6. I was on the left side of the stage standing alone like some loner/loser under a tree, I kept glancing at a couple of young people (ha I sound old) wearing Offspring shirts wondering if that was you and your lady, but I didn't want to be the weirdo walking up going "SUPA? YOU SUPA?"
  7. Yeah, maybe next time! Where in the crowd were you at?
  8. So we didn't really coordinate this very well, although I saw a guy and a girl I thought might have been you guys although I don't know for sure. Completely assuming clearly!
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