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  1. hello, what's up
  2. ohhh sorry!! cool name
    you known mmmm i like the smiths, placebo, system of a down, i luvvvv Morrissey
    mmm t.A.T.u., bjork, and very more my friend!!! *.*
  3. My name is Sławek I asked previously about about bands you listen to
  4. hi sorry i had to go really fast u.u

    well i don't like boys, i really don't n.n

    and my name's yulia
    what's yours??

    well see ya later friend!!!
  5. I like especially punk rock music. Blink or GD can be. I listen to a lot polish bands and you?
    YOu mean, you do not like boys? what's your name?
  6. haha yep i'm a girl
    i guess you could say lesbian but i'm not into labels
    i just love and i don't care who the subject of my love is n.n

    ohh you and were born the same year!! cool

    hey man what music besides the offspring do you like??
  7. are you a girl? lesbian?
  8. i'm twenty-four but my mind's like a little girl still
    haha and how old are you??
  9. I only typed the adress, didnt watch. But maybe I will sooner... Actually how old are you?
  10. hahaha yep sorry man i just aked that before i realized "wait i can see the about me" hahaha

    i'm in love with my girl!! she's so perfect!! *-*

    hey man!! you watched my blog!!!! how does it seemed to you??
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