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  1. Heeeey, happy birthday rinie!
  2. Hey, Rinie! Haven't talked to you in a while. How are you?
  3. hay randy.....??? same as me, after i work day long i get tired, get some milk before sleep it would be nice......
    have a beautiful day randy......
  4. Hi Rinie! You messaged me right when I left for work. I'm fine. A bit tired. How about you?
  5. hi randman......?? how are you??
  6. hi........thanks for the tips.........yeah thats really makes time, but i enjoy it, maybe tomorrow, next week, or maybe sometimes, they log in, they found that we, all offspring fans care for them, i just wanna make.....hey..we are here brother....thats all
    but thanks for the the tips again, i guest next time i must doing that.....
  7. Hi! I just want to give you a tip on the happy birthdays...You may like to look at the "Last Activity" to see when they last logged in. It will save you time to only message the ones who come often. But you're really nice for doing it at all.
  8. Thanks, you too. And I like your name!
  9. ohhh.......i'm sorry, i'm Rinie...
    nice to have friend like U
  10. Handsome? Thank you! You're pretty

    Oh, and your English isn't bad. And it'll definitely improve if you keep posting! Another thing, what is your name?
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