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  1. Oh I get it make 1000 posts and then leave us all! :P

    But seriously, where you gone? :S
  2. Heeya Jayde!! Where've you been? You were gone for like two whole days :P i missed you lol. Haha whats it like being invincible? Sorry I logged pretty early, its my internet connection, its mega bad so Ive only just got it working again.

    Awwww, thanks for concerning, really it means a lot to me but I'm feeling much better now thanks . I think I had had a few too many drinks and when she told me she was seeing someone else I just got angry and as a result i need to buy me a new phone lol. But I appriciate you asking *big cuddles*

    Kyle xxx
  3. Hey, Kyle! I was hoping to get to chat with you today/tonight but you werenít in the forum for very long after I logged in. I know my being invincible doesnít helpÖbut I still missed you. (in the sense that I miss talking to you. )

    What I wanted to ask is if youíre doing okay? I read what you posted about your now ex-gf and your mobile, and Iím here if you want to chat. Just lay it all on me. Iím a good listener/reader. Seriously, you know enough about my life.


    So spill! or tell me to piss off if you feel Iím prying. *more cuddles*

    xx Jayde
  4. Aww that sounds pretty bad. I hope you manage to work things out between your friends. Haha nice one on the freebies

    Really?! I don't suppose many band would come your way though but as you say, you might get the occasional cardiff gig. Im miles away from anywhere to see decent gigs, Manchester is my closest so I normally go there. Speaking of gigs, I'm going to a local concert tonight, should be fun XD. Hopefully you'll get to see The Offspring when they come on thier european tour

    I know, its crazy! Yeah I can imagine it to be pretty mad on Easter Friday like. In Barrow we always sign the till sheet when we come off a till, and even then I forget half the time, my manager goes sick on me :P. Aww gutted, the long till shifts suck, they always drag on and on for me. Most shifts I'm on kids recovery, which sucks because they always make a mess. Plus a couple of my friends from college work at the same store and they are normally on fitting room or delivery so when I get one of those shifts its awesome! . How many hours are you contracted for?
  5. Yeah, I guess pretending is the only thing I can do when I cant come right out and tell my old friends/his friends why I cant hang with them. Sucks. My new friends are okay, that’s why I call them ‘friends’. i can hang out with them whenever I want and me being the baby of the group isn’t so bad. I get freebies.

    I’m still jealous of you! I’ve never been to see anyone live. Anyone that I listen to that is. The closest anyone comes to here is probably Rhyl or Cardiff. I bet you’ll have a blast with your friends. You can get up to all sorts of shenanigans.

    I still can believe we work for the same company and not only that, we have the same role. I’m glad I’m not in today, it’s supposed to be pretty busy. I don’t even get a team brief when I get in because there’s always a queue at refunds, and they don’t even give me a chance to sign the till sheet before I jump on. I was on my own yesterday for 4 hours, but I didn’t really mind because I wasn’t down for recovery. I will be tomorrow though. :/
  6. Haha yeah, thats gotta be the reason =p

    Awww, that must be pretty bad if you have to pretend everythings fine like :S. As long as your new friends are pretty cool though (:

    Lol yeah, its my second Download this year and I cant wait. I went with my parents and brother first time round which was cool like but nothing compared to going with my friends.

    Really? Thats cute lol :P. I always knew it was something to do with not actually driving like nomal but I never bothered to learn about it lol. Yeah I looked up the insurance on a couple of diesels and it was through the roof :/. A corsa would be pretty cool . Yeah I know about the two years lol.

    Thats really quite scary about Matalan :S. Haha but yeah you should definately ring up the Barrow store sometime. I could just tell my manager im having a deep discussion about profit with a member of another store
  7. One thing before I go, I work on customer service at Matalan Bangor! OMG! you’ve just freaked me out!

    I’m in total shock now! I should totally phone your store one day and ask for you!

    Okay, off to bed. oxoxo
  8. Yeah, I donít know why the older members give us n00bs a hard time. =/ maybe weíre annoying? Yeah, I think thatís it.

    Ooh! Huggles!! *huggs*
    Yeah, the Ďfriendí situation is a little complicated. I donít mind talking about it but itís all due to my ex. Him and his best mate fucked me up big time so itís easier to just tell everyone we split and pretend everything is just peachy.

    Youíre going to Download?! No way!!!!! Youíve no idea how jealous I am of you right now!

    Haha! I thought coasting was to do with the seaside until I asked my dad. We had a conversation about two-wheel and four-wheel drive the other day. This I will explain at a later time. Aww, I love my dad.

    I doubt Iíll be buying a diesel anytime soon. Thatís why I want a 1.2 í07-ish plate Corsa. Very cheap to run. Diesel is too costly on insurance so Iíll need to be driving a good few years after the 2 years probation period after the day of the test. I know you know about the two year thing.

    Lolz, I hope you have a great sleep. Iíll probably be on later around lunch time if Iím not out somewhere causing anarchy. I will too go to sleep because my head is starting to hurt. Hehe. serves me right I guess.

    Night night hun! Lovely meeting and chattiní with you! oxoxo Sleep tight, Kyle.
  9. Yeah, I'm glad I did actually, I've met some cool people this time, which is awesome. Lol i know, some people on here can be dicks at times, if it were up to me everyone would get along.

    Awwww, I feel sorry for you *hug*. It must be hard hanging out with one group of people, knowing that yeah, they are cool but there not your real friends. And I know I dont know anyof your friends but it sounds like they made a pretty stupid choice siding with him, your probably way more fun to talk to.

    I know thats why I want it! Ill be like road trip every weekend. Plus I'm hoping to go to Download in it this year if I pass in time.

    Cool, I always wondered what coasting was . So hopefully once I've mastered the clutch everything else will fall into place naturally. I need to be careful not to swing round corners though, I'm sure that will be very tempting. It sounds like a petrol car would probably be more what I need then. Pretty cheap to run and also quite fast on the roads, thanks for the advice

    Yeah, hopefully my instructor will go over all the stuff under the bonnet.

    As much as I would love to stay and chat for ages, I have to get some sleep lol so if off to go squish my face into a pillow . Night night xxxxxxxx
  10. That’s cool! I’m glad you decided to come back and post a little more. As long as you don’t get yelled at for de-railing like I so easily do. I notice a lot of the older 1337 members are asses. so rude and not helpful at all. I want to make this forum fun!

    If you like hanging with girls, then all the better. Most of my ‘friends’ are guys. Yeah, and the inverted commas thing is because I don’t really regard them as my true friends. I just hang out with them because..well, I wouldn’t have anyone else. My true friends are my ex-boyfriends friends. I left them when I split with him. His best friend was an asshole and kinda turned them against me. Some still talk to me but it’s weird. they take my ex’s side. These people I hang with are the people I grew up with. All of them are older than I am, but it’s cool. I know I shouldn’t be hanging out with them but I can’t stay home and do nothing.

    The VW vans are cool but hella expensive for parts and costly on fuel. I wouldn’t say no if I was offered one. They all scream road trip!

    Yup, you change gear and disengage the engine with the clutch. That’s what coasting is, when you have the clutch pressed when youre not in gear, great to swing around corners but don’t do it on test! You’ll be faulted for it. it’s dangerous anyway. get to know youre biting point and practice balancing the clutch and you’ll be fine. Don’t practice hill starts until you get to master the car first. Take your time with everything. I prefer petrol because theyre cheaper to run and as I mentioned before theyre nippier on the road useful when you put your foot down and speed off. If you have the money then get a turbo diesel. I know my dad’s petrol Astra was as good as the diesel Rover. Just diesel is quicker at getting up to speed.

    Wow! I love this guy talk about cars!

    You wont fail on pointing out anything under the bonnet or the questions on lights. That will come naturally during your driving lessons if you don’t have a designated lesson for that part of the test. Dunno. I learnt all that from messing with dad’s cars.
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