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  1. Haha okay, it makes sense though, death beats all.

    I'm not sure really, I've just never been involved in the forum that much but I'm posting a lot more now, and getting to know people better, which is awesome! . To be honest, you sound like the kind of person I'd hang with too. I noticed you put friends in inverted commas are your friends bad?

    Lmao naa i get to do what I want with the Scenic. Im obviously going to sell it but I'm still thinking about what to buy. I was toying with the idea of getting one of the Volkswagen Hippy Vans, they just look so cool

    Aah, thats good to know . The clutch is the thing you press in when you want to change gear right? (Jesus I'm such a car n00b). So as long as I master that I should be fine :P. Do you personally prefer a petrol car or diesel car?

    Thats cool then. The road signs and what to do if I see an accident etc. are all basic knowledge but it the workings of the car and how to change oil/tyres where I'll probably fail.

    Lol your only 9 months off getting one yourself, that'll go quickly :P
  2. Hah! Death defeats all! Okay, I’ll stop with the death talk now.

    How comes you leave for a few months? if it were me I wouldn’t bother coming back, especially if I didn’t have anyone to talk to. =/ youre life sounds fab! I would totally hang with someone like you. you may even be a good influence since it beats my ‘friends’.

    Please don’t tell me they’re buying you a Renault Cleo?! Haha! I see guys driving them and Ford Ka’s and it just looks soooooo wrong. I want a Corsa. I love how they handle. My dad wants one because parts for Rover’s are getting expensive.

    Once you’ve mastered one car its pretty easy to jump into another. My dad used to have a petrol Astra and now has a diesel Rover. You kinds of master the car after a few minutes of driving. There is no difference except for getting a feel for the biting point of the clutch. Petrol’s are much more nippy on the road, especially the 1.2’s and above. I would never recommend a flat diesel, you need the turbo or youre gonna be trailing behind like a snail until you get up to speed. I know I keep going on about the clutch, but that’s what drives the car. Master that and you’ll drive anything.

    Friends have told me if you can beat the hardest of theory tests you’ll ace the real one as the questions are so ridiculous you need to use your common sense. I wont worry about the theory because I know all the road signs and mechanical questions they ask at the start of the practical test. I wish it was me that had a provisional! No fair!
  3. Haha yeah that'll do for an explanation, that way I may die but at least I'm not confused

    I normally post for a bit then don't go on for like months but I think I'm sticking around this time. I don't know how its possible for you to get that postcount after like a month, its crazy . Lol my "life" consists of skating and getting drunk of a weekend, not much of a great lifestyle.

    Actually, my mum and dad are being super nice. They said I could have the Renault when I pass and they would get themselves a new car. I was like OMG<3U when they told me.

    Aah, thats good to know. Is there a major difference between driving different cars or is it more like riding a bike, once you've done it once its easy on any bike? Lol well your more of a pro than me anyway :P.

    Actually speaking of the theory test my girlfriend (or I should say ex-girlfriend now ) had a test on her computer. I took it s a joke once, no studying or anything and I passed, it was mainly just common sense questions.
  4. Omg! I’m even more confused after reading your assumption! I’ll be me no1 who is more advanced than the me no2. so I would win. but then that would be cheating if I had more knowledge than no2. you know what? We both just drop dead upon meeting thus taking the whole of humanity and the existence of time and reality with us. There we go! Settled. I win!

    You don’t post that much. I know! You HAVE a life.

    You forgot about buying a car to run it. unless your parents are nice enough to buy you a decent car.

    Driving is getting to know the car. When you’ve mastered the clutch and gears it’s all straight forward. You use common sense on the road, obviously, but how you use the car is what counts. Driving around comes naturally when you’re on the road. Changing gears and such comes as second nature when you get to know your car. It’s much easier driving a larger vehicle than a small car. You get to know the mechanics. Look at me speaking as if I’m a pro and I don’t even have a licence! =/ Are you studying for your theory test yet? I believe it’s 90 questions or so?
  5. Haha I thought that. If you could beat yourself up and win then you would also lose because the other you, which is still you, just got its ass kicked and now im VERY confused

    Lmao yeah I noticed that. I was going to say, I bet you'll beat me to 1000 posts

    Lol ill keep that in mind

    Yeah, it seems like its way overpriced to learn to drive, the lessons, the provisional, the test and the licence all cost a bomb and thats before tax and insurance and fuel and stuff.... Im going to have to work a bunch of overtime just to make these costs.

    Nope, not once. I dunno why, just one of them things I've never done. I'm terrible with cars in general though. All I know is you put fuel in it and it goes . Ugh tell me about it, I don't plan on breaking the speed limit at every possible moment so why charge me as much as the people who stereotypically do :/. My parents have a Renault Scenic though so its not as if I can actually go that fast.

    Woah, you could drive at 13, thats amazing! Is it hard or like mostly common sense?
  6. You know? If I could kick my own ass…wouldn’t the other me be able to do the same? Since we are one? I’m perplexed. It’d be like a me from a parallel universe. Quantum theory kicks ass tho.

    You lol at the crap that I post? That’s great. I do post way too much, as other members have mentioned.

    Yup, yup! take as much of me as you need. I won’t mind. I like to share.

    I wonder who the money goes to? Why are the costs of learning to drive so high? My dad told me that the British driving test is the hardest in the world. It’s kinda scary. So you’ve never sat in a drivers seat before? How come? I can drive. I drove a truck at 13 when my dad used to work in a quarry. That was awesome! I’d love to drive a truck again but I’m quite happy with my dad’s 2.0 Rover 220. Driving lessons are going to be expensive too…what’s with this world and money? You know what I hate the most? Guys having sky high insurance! I know you all aren’t boy racers, so that’s just ludicrous!
  7. Haha its good to know you could kick your own ass if it ever came to that :P

    Errm.... Im not sure tbh :/ guess I've just never said hi. I lol at your posts all the time though :P. Lmao now I have a piece of you too.

    Yeah, its crazy money! Im going to need a bunch of lessons as well because I've never even sat in the drivers seat before. Yeah, I think the test is something like that, my friend failed his the other day, I felt so bad for him. Yeah, I'm glad I do too .
  8. I would win. Well, it would depend on my frame of mind, but if I’m anything like I am tonight/this morning, then I would definitely win! The other me would be dead.

    How come’s you haven’t talked to me before? I’m always on de-railing threads and such. I’m approachable and nice. Everyone should have a piece of me.

    It’s 50?!?!?!? You’re kidding!!! I’ll apply for mine at the end of the year. I’ll only need a few hours lessons before I go for the test. Isn’t that like, 58 or something? Jeez?! I’m glad I work!
  9. Lmao, I can just picture that, a fight between two of yourself? Would you win or lose?

    Awwww! Thats a really nice thing to say . I'm glad I posted it too, I've seen you around the boards but never had a chance to talk properly but your super cool to talk to .

    Yeah, It's weird you should say that. I filled out the form the other day and my mum said she would pay for it (Its 50 ) but I havnt sent it away yet.
  10. Yeah, I break all kinds of rules. nah, I’m not a rebel, but I definitely don’t follow. If I ever met anyone like me, I’d have to punch them.

    Kyle, it would be hard not to think of you while I watch my fave cartoon. You’re a really nice person, you know? You really are. I’m glad you posted your thread tonight.

    Oh, hey! you’re 17 right? Have you applied for your provisional driving licence yet?
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