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  1. Haha aww really? It least your breaking the mould then :P being a leader not a follower and all that.

    Lol thanks I guess :P. You have to think of me when you see Kyle from south park now
  2. See! I told ya! I was right. And all Jade’s are kinda chubby. Hehe! I don’t meant to be nasty, but it’s true. Nah, I’ve been described as ‘not normal’ so I guess that makes me un-Jade-like.

    Kyle’s mum’s song is classic. I will sing it as I reply to a few posts.
  3. I don't know any Jade's at all, theres none at my college :/. The one I knew from my old school was a two faced bitch though lol. You dont seem like that

    Hahaha, the amount of times I have that "Kyle's Mom" song sung at my when I'm watching South Park with my friends is unbelievable! :P
  4. My name is nice, since my granddad named me, and my Dad’s second name is I wont say anything bad about it. every Jade I’ve ever met is a two faced bitch, so that doesn’t help me.

    You remind me of Kyle of South Park, now he is sweet!
  5. Haha really? and what would you say about your name :P. Aww thanks
  6. Cool? nah! That’s by far the uncoolest thing to say about my name. Aww! you’re name is sweet, just like every Kyle I know.
  7. Haha okay :P thats a cool name. I'm Kyle btw
  8. Btw, the name’s Jayde. (pronounced Jade. Don’t ask about the unnecessary Y.)
  9. Hey, no problem, your very welcome
  10. Oh yay! I totally wanna be your friend! Thank you!
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