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  1. dammit,come back,jayde!
  2. what`s taking so damn long,jay??did you forgot your password??
  3. god,this has become boring,you can say that while watching my postcount,it hasn`t got any bigger ,quit your job,this sucks
  4. hey,whats up?youre missing here!!
  5. jaja,that`s neat,i`m still on the road,but i forgot my iphone has acces to internet ,so i`ll keep posting here
  6. Are you back yet? I waited 4 hours.



    *waits some more*

    haha! You gave me kisses, I just noticed your last post. *blows kisses*
  7. You’re leaving me?!!! :’’’’’’(

    I’ll sit here and wait until you get back.
  8. hi,jayde,yeah,im leaving for a few days,getting back on sunday,take care!see ya!
  9. well,we also legally drink at 18
    well,its nice to know you feel better
    take care,kisses!
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