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  1. difficuties?did he cheated on you?
  2. I miss him too but not for a while. Him and I are having difficulties. He’s taking a break from the boards.
  3. gee,thanx,is bipolar coming back?i miss that bitch
  4. Yup, no one touches Jimmy, but you are by far the shmexiest guy on the boards! If we had a competition, you’d get the prize.
  5. but still,iīm sexier
  6. oh,thatīs true,he owns a level 100 charizard
  7. Oh he is! I just spoke to him. you can't step on his territory that quickly. He’d kick your ass.
  8. well,heīs no longer here,ņaka ņaka (evil laughter)
  9. Nope, you are by far the hottest, but Jimmy (Bipolar) is my everything else.
  10. wow,thatīs cool ,wait,isthat because b.b. isno longer here?damn him
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