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  1. lol. That was the post I quoted. did you check my reply to your crabs?
  2. lol,the one about my crabs??
  3. i always miss you when youre not here. Youre one of the coolest people I speak to. btw, see post 7 of the Lesbian thread.
  4. i did,did u?
  5. Did you miss me hunny? I went to my birth town over the weekend with my daddy. Got back yesterday.
  6. hey,where were you?
  7. hi!welcome back!what?!!2nd???damn that bipolar
  8. Hi Ren! It’s kinda nice to hear that you missed me. My no. 2 fave person!
  9. hey,banana girl,this is boring without your stuff!!miss ya
  10. yes!!she is my beloved Maja!!oh,girl,I love you!
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