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  1. I don’t know why we get to leave school at 16? Maybe the same reason as we get to legally drink at 18.

    Okay, I’ll see ya soon, Ren! Thanks for making me feel better. xxx
  2. well,i gotta gonow,see ya!
  3. yes,she is
  4. Wow! I get to leave school at 16. I finish in June. I take my exams and then go to college if I want.

    Is Vicky the one you’re with now?
  5. iīm 18 and iīm graduating this year,so iīm not bad,iīve never failed a year
    is not that i donīt like to enter to class,i just have better things to do,jaja,well,i donīt longer go and make out with lizeth,and i donīt do it with vicky either,she dislikes to (),and we awlays go to drink in the mornings,we hardly ever go at night
  6. And why don’t you like going to class?

    What age do you finish school? I’m assuming you’re still in high school.
  7. no,i didnt tell them,it was that bastard of my schoolīs principal,yeah,iīm no that bas student,though,i get good notes on my exams,i just donīt enter to class
  8. Haha! I hope you kicked their asses good!

    You failed 5? Jeez, I’m never in school for longer than two hours and I pass all mine, lol. We need to take your girls and drinks away so you can concentrate better!

    I bet your parents weren’t happy that you failed, or have you not told them?
  9. yeah,i also hate them for that,i lost the count of how many grandpas got their asses kicked by me for leering at my girls.
    lol,i didnīt fail an exam,i failed 5,though,they could have been more,i hardly ever entered to class,if i was not drinking at the pool with my friends,i was making out with lizeth on an empty classroom,ah,the good olī days
  10. Ren! You failed an exam?! Naughty, naughty! Why was that? did you not study?

    I hate old people. Especially old men the way they leer at girls. One day I’ll kick them in the balls.
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