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  1. yeah,they do,but they dont pay for the exams a fail and that i need to pay if i want to graduate :S
    oh,yeah,i remeber that one night,2 old farts were drinking vodka with some pills,it was creepy but funny
  2. I never flip people off without a good reason. I flip people online off too.

    i could never work in a bar because I’d hate to serve old creepy guys and I’d probably drink everyone’s drinks. actually, that would be fun!

    Shouldn’t your parents pay for your school stuff?
  3. yeah,i flip people off without even meaning it
    i used to be a bar tender for a cheap hotel,but i lasted like 2 hours cos i always made a mess with the drinks,i also used to write album reviews at some crappy music magazine,but didnt get paid for :s.right now im not working,but im getting a job in some weeks,i need to pay a lot of school stuff
  4. I am nice and I do behave. Honest.

    I generally dont cuss out loud, so flipping people off is like second nature. I dont get paid enough to take shit off people, so I may as well do what keeps me happy.

    Do you work, Ren?
  5. oh,you better be a nice girl and behave,lol,it must be funny to see you flipping them off
  6. So aren’t you going away for Easter? I’m sure you mentioned it to me…or am I making things up?

    Mad people scare me. I don’t know why my boss put me on customer service. I try to be nice, but they still yell. I flip them off when they leave though.

    What have I been doing? Erm…you don’t wanna know.
  7. hi,its been a while,im ok,but ive been booored,i hate staying at home
    lol,i like to deal with mad people,they make me laugh,what youve been doing all these days?
  8. I am innocent!! Would I lie to you?

    Where do I work? In a large clothing store. I have to deal with all the angry customers.

    haven’t spoken to you since…the mexico-honduras game. How’re you anyway?
  9. lol,you`re not that innocent,where do you work at?
  10. Hi hun! Nope, I wont be going anywhere over easter, I’ll be working. Besides, I don’t celebrate easter. where do you think you may go?

    I lolled at you calling me ‘naughty girl’. I’m innocent.
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