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  1. hello,naughty girl,its been a while,are you going out on vacations?maybe i will
  2. oh,its ok now,how youve been?its been a while,uh?
  3. Awww! I’m sure you’ll get over it.
  4. hell no!those guys kicked our asses
  5. Did you enjoy the game, hun?
  6. fuck,a couple years ago saying that honduras would defeat mexico was like a joke,no its a fucking reality
  7. GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!
    honduras 3-1 mxico
  8. Nice car!! Can't wait until I legaly drive.

    Have a great evening Ren!! Enjoy the game! xxxx
  9. lol,that wouldbe soooooooooo nice ,Joe would love it,yeah,those guys are cool,but those arent coming today,i have a charger rt daytona,i got a picofit at my album,but daddy hardly ever lets me dive it ,well,im leaving now for a little while,afreind just arrived and were heading for some dumbass who cant drive so well pick him,well,c ya!
  10. Haha! You wont do much sleep with a girl in the bed, unless she knees you in your Joe and turns over to sleep.

    Dumbass friends are the best! Your buddies in your album look like a great bunch. oh! and your car!!! What do you drive?
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