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  1. god,i love to sleep,specially with some nice girl,jaja
    my friends are a bunch of dumbasses,they always leave a mess when they come
    bored??!!i looove to watch it
  2. Your buddies sound cool. I wish I was there. I wouldn’t watch the game tho, it;d bore me to death.
    I’ve insomnia so I can survive on 3-4 hours a night. The longest I’ve stayed awake for was 3 days. I loved it.
  3. no,the gameis starting at 7:00,thatīs in 25 min,knowing those dumbasses,they will arrive like at 7:30,god,you should go tobed then,ihate to sleep a few hours
  4. Haha! You don’t want me going to school? I have to be up in like 6 hours, and my dad is dropping me off so I doubt he’d let me stay home.
    You’re watching the game with your buddies? Aww! I’ll probably go to bed on the hour (and let you watch the game), I was up pretty early yesterday morning so I’m pretty tired.
  5. thatīs cool,ok,iīll leave when you do because i can watch the game while writing stuff,though,my friends will think thatīs odd,lol
    i think iīm not going to school tomorrow,lol,you shouldnīt go either
  6. yup, still here!
  7. are you there?nevermind,i just called someone and told me he already bouth all that shit
  8. okay! hunny. I’ll be going to bed while you're out so i'll see ya tomorrow, maybe. Depends what i get up to after school.

    Night night! Have a good evening. Xx
  9. 6:30????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    holly shit,i havenīt buy the chips and the beers yet,damn,i better go for them now,itīll take like 20 mins,so iīm leaving for now,iīll be backin a few while,c ya!
  10. Nah, I think your game pre-view starts at 6:30pm. You’d have to check your tv guide since I don’t know what timezone you’re in. plus everything I Googled was Spanish.
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