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  1. Aww! I think youre sweet. I prefer sweet guys to tough ones. Vin Diesel is okay, but I think Lizeth is looking for a tough-boy hero. Those type of guys get old. I should know. My ex was an asshole. He didn’t have one ounce of sensitivity in him. so stop calling yourself a fag, okay? Because you aren’t. All a girl needs is for you to stand up for her when she needs it.

    Hey, I never asked your name! Mine is Jayde. (pronounced Jade). What should I call you?

    Thank you for sharing your bathroom activities with me. I’ll be sure to let you know when I need to go.
  2. wait a bit,i´m going to take a dump
  3. lol,yeah,that´s why i bet your girl is cute,emotional guys?lizeth always prefered tough guys,don´t know why she picked me then,she told me once that the man of her dreams was vin diesel,but that´s fine,my dream girl is also a though girl (maja ivarsson,you already know her),damn,2 months already since sheleft me and i still miss her at the point that i cry when i listen to evanescense´s "my immortal",you know,i´m really a fag
  4. Yeah, I like her. Hey, we have the same taste in girls!

    You aint a fag at all. Guy’s can cry too! I prefer a guy who shows his emotions, so does a lot of girls, so remember that!
  5. that´s lizeth,my ex-girlfriend,damn,that girl has made me cry,yeah,i know,i´m a fag,she´s much better than my actual gf
  6. The two girls you have in your album are gorgeous. The one with shorter hair is more my type. she has my style.
  7. oh,really,you should,i bet you´re a couple cutties,i love cute girls much more than hot girls,maybe you´ve already noticed that watching mylast 2 girlfriends,they´re both little and cute
  8. My Cate is gorgeous. You'd like her. I need to post a pic of her and me. we look cute together.
  9. oh,is your gf cute?ifso,post some pics!!
  10. Hahah! Online, nope. Lets just say I wont cheat on my gf with him. if online cheating is as bad as real life cheating.
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