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  1. It will be!! Don't worry!!!
  2. so we are both... ouu i want to be too now i hope it will be good
  3. I know what it is!!! I had some too, but now I'm free... You'll be better soon, don't you worry!!!
  4. ouu its good you are feeling good i am fine now i have some exams ahead
  5. I'm doing fine, thanks!!! I was tired and sad two weeks ago, but know I'm fine and relaxed...

    How about you?
  6. Itīs good...donīt worry...and thank you long time we didnīt talk so how is it going ha?
  7. I'm sorry, I missed your birthday, but anyway, Happy Birthday!!!
  8. Yeah!!! I finally met Rutegard... She is awesome...
  9. hehe good you not at all dont speak a lot of things because i have been first time too and i know what are you talking about...have you met rutegard?
  10. I'm also fine, cause I also have been in the concert here in Portugal!!! It's was first time too, and it was awesome... I wanna more... I waited 19 years for that, and I don't wanna stop... I also met portuguese fans, and they are really, really awesome... OMG!!! Why am I telling so stupid things right now?? I'm sorry...
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