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  1. Hola Maria!! how r u???
  2. Thank You!!!
  3. Hoola sorry iīve been so busy,but happy birthay,i wish you the best!!! be happy forever!!!
  4. Hola!!! I'm fine... Not busy, but I'm still tired... What about you?
  5. Hola im busy,i have filosofy,i havenīt had time the last week,what a miracle!!!! how r u??
  6. Hey!!! How have you been?
  7. I just don't like black chocolat... And of course, chocolat with peanuts...
  8. Sure,what type do you like??,white,bitter, with biscuit or with almonds?
  9. I hate peanuts... They taste like... I don't know... I don't like it...

    Chocolat is awesome... I can't resist...
  10. si,chocolat,i love it!!!!in mexico are sweets with coconut or peanuts
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