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  1. Hola,do you like NiN??????
  2. Hello!!

    Yeah, I like reggae!!
  3. Hi Maria,A little,and you??
  4. Great!! So, do you like reggae?
  5. Hola Maria,sure,but me i like all types of music...ĦĦĦArriba el punk!!!!!,yeah!!!
  6. Hey...

    Electronic music... Not really... I prefer punk and rock...
  7. hola maria,its just fugazi in a new band,good charlotte i like a little bit,do you like music electronic?????
  8. Hey Paola!! Brites Of Spring!? Just a little bit!
    Do you like Good Charlotte?
  9. Hola Maria,how are you????....incubus i lke a little,do you like Brites Of Spring?????
  10. A little! =)

    Do you like Incubus?
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